Sushi Jin by Les Amis Group: A Great Evening an Omakase Makes

Located in a cosy corner in One Farrer, Hotel & Spa, Sushi Jin by the Les Amis Group provides a very nice environment for people in the area to have a chance of having really good Japanese food in a relaxing environment.  Opened by the Les Amis Group, the restaurant is meant to be an all-rounded experience for diners to get quality Japanese food, service and ambiance at a reasonable price.

Les Amis Group’s latest Japanese restaurant teases the wanderlust palates

The hosted meal was a really good experience with each dish meticulously prepared and uniquely different from the previous ones.


Take this starter, squid with mayo and ebiko for example.  It is subtly cooked and the crunchiness from the eibiko provided the additonal texture to elevate the uniqueness of the dish.  Needless to say, the dishes here are all tasty and fresh!


I am not an escargot fan but the sea snail that the Les Amis Group brought in for this dish is fresh to say the least.  One bite into the meat and you know you are having a premium experience.  Even little things like the flower petal garnishing the top added a extra fragrance.  It has an interesting-nice texture like abalone and the snail’s pate-textured portion of its meat is un-apologetically intense.


The next dish that was presented to us was the amberjack with truffle shaving and caviar.  The main star is truly the truffle which provided so much of the fragrance that laced the fish.  In fact, i would describe the Amberjack as merely a medium to be used to demonstrate the truffle.  The accompanying caviar provided the right amount of crunchiness that manages to bring it all home.


The Moriwase was quite a surprise.  It has Kampachi with Uni, a slice of Chutoro with the right amt of fattiness, a scallop and swordfish with fish roe, amongst other amazingly fresh fish.  The kampachi tastes really good beside the amberjack as well.  An awesome moriwase and a sure winner for sashimi lovers.

The sushi plate was perhaps my favourite part of the meal.  The chefs prepare the sushi in front of us and they will dish each sushi the moment it is ready and place them right in front me us.  The white prawns with the roe on top are flown in from Japan specifically to blow our mind away (top left sushi).  The flavours of the uni (top right sushi) was immaculately elevated by the caviar and petals.

Needless to say, the sushi with the raw fish were amazingly executed and they taste as fresh as they look!


The Buta kakuni  dish is one my favourites  with pork belly with sweet sauce.  I wish the pork belly could be a bit softer though but the flavours were deep but not too overwhelming.  The carrot provided a mild sweetness that elevated the pork and the sauce.


For vegetarians, the Imo tofu – a type of Japanese yam tofu – is an excellent dish for you.  It’s natural sweetness is gently balanced by the savoury sauce.  Together with the flower petals, the entire dish just exudes a wonderful fragrance that is comforting and delicious.  The imo tofu was so fragrantly fried.


This miso soup dish with clams is simple yet fresh, and the seafood sweetness is excellent to provide a good break before the next dish that is meant to blow your flavours off.


This is the ultimate luxury sushi.  Uni, foie gras, pieced together with supremely fresh scallop.   This dish is flavourful and immense in its umami-ness.  Meant as a dish to out-last other dishes on your palate, it is good reason to have this as the last dish before the dessert.


To end the meal, the restaurant recommend us to try the yuzu flavoured experience. The mochi is light and nicely soft and chewy, the dazzling splatter of ingredients are not incidental. It is done thoughtfully as the flavours converge on your palate.

Good omakase menus are hard to find in Singapore and often overpriced.  Here at Sushi Jin by Les Amis Group, they check all the right boxes for a great evening out at a reasonable price for an omakase.

Quality of food: 8.5/10
Value for money: 7.5/10

Sushi Jin by Les Amis Group (Map)

1 Farrer Park Station Road,
Owen Link, #01-11/12,
Singapore 217562
Mon to Sat: 12–2:30PM, 6:30–10:30PM
Sun closed
Tel: +65 6443 3378
Nearest station:  Farrer Park MRT Station [3-min walk]

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