Bingo + Sparkling Spanish Sunday Brunch at Catalunya Singapore


Sparkling Sunday Brunch at Catalunya Singapore

Sunday brunch at Catalunya is like going to a funfair for the weekend. You are orientated to a map/menu which points out all the important rides you must try. And I will say that there weren’t any stations that I was not going to pass – so be warned about the barrage of food pictures to come. Do not view this post late at night…


So let’s start with some breakfast juices-hic, it’s Sangria. No ordinary Sangria though, here’s a Pink Rose Sangria that’s delightfully refreshing mixed with fresh fruit juices. It’s so easy to drink, and refreshing for that hot summer day that you need to resist overdoing this one. Free flow cocktails, Cava and wines come at an additional S$48++ so if you’re feeling the pre-Monday blues, I’d say this is a tough bargain to pass.


There’s a full salad bar with an assortment of Mediterranean selections and some house specialties, but at the corner of the picture, note the DJ on deck. At any given time (mostly later when everyone’s adequately inebriated), you’ll have patrons grooving to her Sunday brunch beats.

The Market, with Fish, Charcuterie, Salads and Cheese


What’s Spanish food without some good ol’ ham. With a charcuterie board of various cuts of jamon iberico, chorizo, and other smoked varietals, go crazy and pair it with the Cava which is made from a partner winery in Spain.

easter-sunday-brunch-catalunya-singapore-hamachi-with-ponzu easter-sunday-brunch-catalunya-singapore-seafood-mackerel

The Fish section was the one that had a rather interesting mix, having Hamachi with Ponzu Sauce amongst other peculiarities. But peculiar as it was, the fusion selections were my favourite. Other dishes include Marinated Grilled Tuna, Bacalhau (salted cod) cold dish and many more. It’s predominantly starters over here so don’t get too crazy here, because there’s still the mains to come, plus some items on the menu/map that you can order to your table made fresh.



The “Market” area was like a Spanish boqueria, serving all kinds of savoury pastries and pies ranging from frittatas to empanadas. Beware because most of them were quite tasty, and rather filling. If you’re in a group, pace yourselves and share it around. You’ll not regret saving that space.

Make space for these babies

easter-sunday-brunch-catalunya-singapore-truffle-cheese-bikinis easter-sunday-brunch-catalunya-singapore-scrambled-eggs-chorizo easter-sunday-brunch-catalunya-singapore-sides-deconstructed-tortilla

The most limited list of freshly cooked warm dishes but the best selection yet are these 3. The truffle and cheese bikini, which they are oh-so-proud of, for good reason, is extremely delicious. The cheese oozes out with every bite and that fragrant whiff of truffle just tantalises your tastebuds. The Chorizo with Scrambled Eggs on Fried Potatoes was just as delicious, with the saltiness of the chorizo permeating through the fluffy scrambled eggs on a bed of substantial potatoes.

Lastly, the Deconstructed Tortilla was a spectacle in itself. A bed of sweet, caramelised red onions form the base, thereafter with fresh egg yolk poured over it. A hot rush of potato puree foam is pumped over it, semi-cookinh the egg yolk, making it more lusciously smooth. Finally, freshly cracked black pepper and sea salt encrust the top. Absolutely a must-order, if you have followed my advice on saving room earlier.

The main(s) finale


easter-sunday-brunch-catalunya-singapore-mains-salt-baked-garoupa easter-sunday-brunch-catalunya-singapore-mains-roasted-suckling-pig-on-platter easter-sunday-brunch-catalunya-singapore-mains-roasted-suckling-pig

The seafood paella was delicious. With beads of squid marinated and cooked with the arborio rice, it gave a real good bite. The salt-baked garoupa was torched in front of the dining  audience, sealing the flavours in. Fresh, tender and seasoned through.

The Roasted Iberico Suckling Pig is a crowd favourite though, no wonder the theatrics of smashing ¬†the plates after cutting it up. Extremely moist with a perfectly crisp skin, but if you’re not a fan of the porky scent, I’d advise small doses.

Easter special cocktails for March


This Easter, be in for a surprise at Catalunya as they unveil 3 seasonal cocktails that will make the alcoholic bunny in you hop. Hatched out of the bar man’s hat is a rich cocktail that’s served in a delicious dark chocolate shell. Rum, amaretto and velvety chocolate combine with a berry puree and banana (really loved the texture from it).

The Truffle is like drinking chocolate milk with vodka. The little parchment had a brownie truffle that’s made by the bar man himself as an accompaniment to the rich and velvety smooth cocktail. I love chocolate and this, works too well for me.

Sweet endings to a Sunday brunch




A train of pastry chef/kitchen staff emerged from the kitchen with freshly made desserts and cakes, prancing to the DJ’s selection. Delicious cakes, choux pastries and the necessary Spanish churros made the list.

The banana muffin particularly stood out for me with the amazingly moist sponge and bold banana flavours which proudly came from them caramelizing it to a nice burn. The churros was undoubtedly fantastic as well, with their own delicious in-house concocted chocolate sauce.


I know it all sounds decadent but treat yourselves this Easter 3-day brunch party (25 – 27 Mar) at Catalunya Singapore with a special focus on traditional Spanish Holy Week recipes at $98++, and the unlimited golden pours of Cava and cocktails at an additional $48++.

End the brunch with a Bingo game that can get you a pair of return Sunday brunch tickets!

Quality of food: 7.5/10
Value for money: 7/10

Catalunya Singapore (Map)

82 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049327
Tel: +65 6534 0886
Reservations: Via phone or Chope
Hours: Lunch 12pm to 2.30pm | Dinner 6pm to 10.30pm | Weekend Brunch 12.30pm to 3.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays

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