Seven Spoons Reintroduces Mediterranean Flavours among Restaurants in Bangkok in New Hybrid Ways


Seven Spoons has been around the dining scene among restaurants in Bangkok for about 5 years now and it has gathered a steady stream of supporters among locals and expats.  What I found truly impressive is Seven Spoons dedication in sourcing for local produce from local growers despite pursuing an enterprise in presenting Medz foods to its clientele.

This provides a chance for the chef to create an innovative approach in recreating Medz flavours using local ingredients.  The result is a true fusion of unique flavours that is unapologetic and unpretentious.

Amazing salads for green-addictslovers

Simply, the greens at Seven Spoons are incredibly fresh and the flavours well mixed.  Just for lunch alone, they have 7 options of salad.  With ingredients ranging from paneer cheese, artichoke, sundried tomato to baby ganoush, the variety feels like a luxury and this is a restaurant in Bangkok you have no problem revisiting to try out all their items in the menu.


Take this Chicken Confit Waldorf Salad (above), the classic waldorf salad is given a twist with the fragrance of the local chicken confit.  A thoroughly hearty and enjoyable waldorf.


This Burrata Salad with wild honey dressing (above), is a special menu dish not found on the menu.   Being a cheese-lover, I certainly hope that they could put this permanently on the menu.  Unquestionably, an enjoyable dish for both vegetarians and meatatarians alike.

A taste of the meatilicious Medz

Seven Spoons is well-known among the locals and expats for its vegetarian dishes.  But it is in its selection of meat dishes that I find the most convincing of flavours and creativity in its tastes.  By endeavouring to appropriate local ingredients to represent Mediterranean foods, Seven Spoons manages to create a very exciting meat journey for me.


In recent years, more and more restaurants in Bangkok are smoking their own meats but none has achieve the level of competence of smoking duck meat like Seven.   This Smoked Duck with Star Anise and Butternut Squash is a special dish menu as well and cannot be found on its menu.  I sincerely hope that Seven will consider making this a permanent feature in its menu.

The smokey-ness of the duck was so well balanced and intermingles with the star anise sauce so delicately well in your mouth that the aroma just completely permeates your senses.  The butternut squash provides a fresh sorta sweetness that tampers the intensity of the dish so well.  This is a thoroughly well thought out dish that would impress any duck connoisseur.


This Razor clams with chorizo, capers, white wine and butter sauce is an interesting addition as the tanginess and spiciness of the sauce provides a refreshing break to the entire meal.


For a seriously satisfying snack, you might want to try Seven’s moreish fried pig ears that comes with spicy harissa mayo.  This snack is really crunchy and we recommend having along with some cocktails.


I tried the Ox tongue with gruyere mushroom sauce and casareccia pasta and found it very tasty.  The umame taste conferred by the gruyere mushroom floods the senses at the first bite.  Definitely a pasta dish like no other.

Truly Thai sweets made by Thai growers

We were all stuffed at the end of the meal but our kind hosts insisted that the sweets are a must have.  Sourced from local farmers and makers, we were all given a tasting sliver of locally produced sweets seldom found among restaurants in Bangkok.


The ice-cream in Seven is locally produced and made from an artisanal ice-cream maker in Chiang Mai.  In fact, the pistachio ice-cream that we had tasted exactly like pistachio nuts.  Freshly brought in from Chiang Mai, the ice-cream offered by Seven Spoons is a testament to the sophistication that local growers and producers can offer.


The chocolate hazelnut cheesepie with butterscotch drizzle completely satiated my sweet cravings.  Definitely worth the calories.


Last but not least, a meal eaten together with the traditional Sazerac made with local Thai whisky is an amazing way to end the meal and start the evening with.

Chillax interior in a less busy side of Bangkok

Seven Spoons is located slightly outside of the usual city centre of Bangkok (like Siam and Thong Lor) which makes it a nice environment to relax and for you to break away from the usual haunts.  We took the canal ferry to the nearest stop and walked for a 10 mins to get to the restaurant.  However, a 25mins cab ride from Ratchathewi BTS station is a safer bet if you are unfamiliar with the ferry system.


The interior is homey and comfy with a mixture of Medz influence on top of mid-West sort of wooden frames.  An interesting place to indulge in some really interesting Medz-based and Thai influenced dishes.

Quality of food: 7.5/10
Value for money: 7.5/10

Seven Spoons Bangkok (Map)

211/8 Chakkrapatipong Road
Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 629 9214
Lunch: Monday to Saturday, 11am – 3pm
Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday, 6pm -10.30pm | Drinks till 11:30pm
Nearest BTS: Ratchathewi (About 25 mins cab ride from BTS station)

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