Restaurant Week Special: Fusion food at its finest with Fort by Maison Ikkoku

At this year’s restaurant week, try Fort by Maison Ikkoku, a restaurant bar that is exploding with creativity.  By merging the principles of mixology with that of culinary experimentation, Chef Ethan manages to challenge even the frontier of fusion food here in Singapore.  We had an amazing experience at this hosted dinner at Fort. And were thoroughly impressed with the amount of dedication, skill and creativity Chef Ethan Leong places in the creation of the unique dishes that adorn Fort’s menu.  We had the opportunity to try their restaurant week menu and at S$38++, the 3-course meal is a totally worth it.  Top up an additional S$20 and the main and dessert would be paired with a cocktail each!

Singapore Restaurant Week Menu


Take this seemingly simple starter, the watercress soup, for example. The watercress was blended with organic potatoes to provide a soft and flavourful consistency that is not overwhelming as compared to using just cream.  Blended together with chicken broth, the entire dish is reminiscence of a Cantonese-style watercress clear soup but yet elevated with the subtle consistency of smooth potato puree.


The main dish is this pan-seared salmon with passion-fruit and salmon roe.  The passion-fruit goes mindblowingly well with the salmon and roe.  The salmon was cooked sous vide perfectly, and then grilled lightly for that smoky flavour. Matching of ingredients here takes immense skill as well as precision and tons of creativity.  Getting the right balance of passion-fruit is key to finding the perfect balance between fruit and fish in this dish.


The salmon was paired with a rum-based cocktail made with kiwi and laced with citrus sugar.   The drink pairing finds a connective thread between citrus flavours of passion-fruit and the kiwi.  A rather tasteful and enjoyable pairing selection.


The last course is the dessert that puts together a shiso sorbet with lavender caviar and butter crumbs.  The sorbet was light to the tongue and the fragrant intensity of the crumbs did not overwhelm the sorbet at all. In fact, it elevated the fresh shiso and lavender flavours to another level. The cocktail that came with the dessert is a vodka-based lemongrass cocktail that goes very smoothly well with the shiso sorbet.

Showcasing part of Fort’s a la carte menu


The sea is a splendid starter dish that is the epitome of freshness from the sea.  Freshly air flown daily, the sea consists of 4 types of  seaweed, 4 types of fish roe, an oyster, and scallops that are all freshly served on top of a base of sea salt sorbet.  The explosion of freshness in your mouth when you take your first bite is unforgettable.   The oyster, I think, is the piece de resistance.  Its taste is not drowned out by the other condiments and the dried seaweed flavoured with nuts worked amazingly well with the melange of seafood in the dish.


This special Fort Row dish speaks flavours of the local and brings sushi, finally, to our local palate.  Stacked with maguro, onion sprouts, and cucumber, these fresh usual suspects are enhanced dramatically by a secret chilli concoction that surprised me. When asked what was in the chilli paste, Chef Ethan replied coyly that it is a secret.  A true mod-sin dish!


This black pork with carrot, edamame and sweet potato mash made me reimagine the kurobuta pork.  Marinated for 3 days and cooked sous vide, the pork was extremely tender and the intense flavours were very well balanced by the carrot and sweet potato mash.


The lamb slider was a recent addition to the menu at Fort, and constantly runs out. Moist, tender and well-flavoured, the lamb worked its stronger meat flavours with the mini burger buns.

Simple, clean and thoughtful design @ Fort by Maison Ikkoku


The bar area is splendidly decked with interesting contraptions for their amazing cocktails.


Calling it industrial chic makes it sound like a done-and-done cafe.  Fort’s industrial features and design components were very well executed and thought out.  It is a very comfortable space and yet it feels like a serious bar that would not compromise on the quality of their drinks.  And, they surely don’t.

Quality of food/drinks: 8/10
Value for money: 8/10 (for the Restaurant Week menu)

Fort by Maison Ikkoku (Map)

5 Cox Terrace
Singapore 179620
Tel: +65 6336 0507
Sunday to Thursday, 4pm – 1am;
Friday and Saturday, 4pm – 2am
Nearest MRT Station: Dhoby Ghaut MRT (10mins walk)
Reservations: Click here to book Fort’s restaurant week menu directly

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