Out of Office is a collection of food, travel and lifestyle-related articles and reviews started by a bunch of friends who enjoy a having great time together. The website began as a reason for us to finally make a trip we’d been planning for some time but kept delaying for one reason or another. Since then however, we’ve had so much fun, Out of Office has become an excuse to do it more often.


We fancy ourselves travellers rather than tourists, and almost never go on big tours, preferring instead to go free and easy. Cutting out travel agents and tour guides saves us money and allows us the freedom to do whatever we like when we like, but that also means we have to do all the research and planning. Out of Office is based on all the work we’ve done in preparation for our holidays, in the hope that it will make life easier for our fellow travellers.


The Out of Office gang currently consists of a tree hugging hippy, cat loving coffee connoisseur, an alcoholic fanboy and a soulful philosopher, but we’re always happy to have other wanderers and explorers join us as long as the chemistry’s right.

Drop us a line at theguys@outofoffice.asia if you are ever in need of travel or food notes, or simply a good conversation to find out more about us!


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