Potato Head Folk Singapore: The Great Keong Saik Road Hustle

Bali lovers would know the Potato Head Folk Singapore intimately and it is no wonder that their branch in Singapore along Keong Saik Road was received with such fanfare.   A peek at the Keong Saik Road Potato Head would reveal a very quaint setting, meant to put its patrons at ease with its retro furniture and warm interior.

Housed in the corner unit of a conserved row of shophouses, Potato Head Folk Singapore occupies all 4 levels (including the roottop bar) of the building. There is truly a collection of unique spaces and vibes for anyone looking for a good or relaxing night out.


The bar – Studio 1939 Lounge –  on the 3rd floor is gorgeously decorated and certainly well stocked to concoct most cocktails you can think of.


Enjoying a meal at their Three Buns Dining Kitchen (2nd floor) is quite a treat.  The restaurant houses many small and big tables – offering parties of any size an intimate and comfortable environment to merry make their night away.


We had the Fetel Fruit Punch and the Japanese Mojito to start the night with.  The fruit punch is refreshing and makes one feel light-hearted.  A great way to slowly enjoy a drink and we think is a very good drink for non-heavy drinkers. On the other hand, the Mojito has a tad bit too much plum but it is refreshing nonetheless.  I must add that the tanginess is very rounded and despite it being potent, is not sharp at all.


The salad that we ordered to start our meal is called The Secret Garden.  It is certainly a tall order to name your salad this way but Potato Head Folk Singapore is hardly known for its humility.  Though not the salad of salads, the dish has amazingly pickled onions and the perfect serving amount for 2 to 3 to share.


My favourite dish of the night would be the Naughty Fries.  Well… not just because it relates to my personality but because the hollandaise-inspired sauce and the well-fried beef chillies added a layer of excitement to the dish. The fries were also smartly shaped (like a concave), acting like a scope to hold as much sauce as possible for us to indulge in the intense sauce.


The burgers, simply put, are pretty good. Though a bit oily for my liking, they are very tasty and certainly very good companions to go with the cocktails.

We had the Truff Ryder Burger and with a name like that you better deliver the truffle flavours.  Which they did beyond expectations. Tasty buns and juicy patty to boot with wagyu medium-done beef.


The Baby Huey burger has a little bit of tanginess from the onion.  It also possesses a hint of strangely familiar nori-like flavour which gave it an umame dimension.


The meal was a hit for us with impressive use of Asian ingredients in western mediums.  For those well orientated to the Potato Head Folk, you would know that the draw of Potato Head Folk is not just the good food or the splendid drinks but also the constant effort they put into creating a great vibe for its patrons.

Quality of food: 7.5/10
Value for money: 7/10

Potato Head Folk Singapore (Map)

36 Keong Saik Road,
Singapore 089143
Tues to Sun: 11am to 12am
Mon closed
Tel: +65 6327 1939
Nearest station:  Chinatown MRT Station [5 min walk]


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