Percolate Cafe: Coffee, cakes and croissants to yearn for.


pəːkəleɪt (verb)
(of a liquid or gas) filter gradually through a porous surface or substance.

English lessons out of the way, Percolate Cafe has been a cafe in the East of Singapore that I’ve been patronising since its opening last year. I have had my fair share of having to move on to other cafes because it was perpetually packed with people. That kept me away for quite a while and my recent revisit made me immensely glad that it took over the neighbouring unit and expanded its seating capacity.

Pushing out of its boundaries

The (not-so-recent) expansion had added more seats and a few more features, including additional counter space for their coffee grinder, and some retail shelves which they curate locally produced foodstuff and artisan teas.

The teal partition wall which I assume is from an original fixture, added a fresh burst of vibrance, separating the two units which had furniture and fixtures that are mainly clad in alternating shades of wooden planks. A cosy ambience ensues, enlivened with bunches of dried flora in tastefully chosen glass vessels.


Breakfast-worthy fare

Despite the lack of freshly-prepared egg offerings on the menu, Percolate Cafe’s food menu has a good breakfast selection, particularly in the arena of bread-wiches. Croissants and ciabattas come with all sorts of creative fillings such as creamy curry egg mayo, savoury and spicy Tom Yam chicken, and the usual suspects of smoked salmon, ham and cheese. Although it wasn’t stated in the menu, you can just mix and match whatever filling to bread you fancy (with a tiny top-up).


The Organic Granola (S$7) is noteworthy because never had so much generous goodness in one bowl. Chunky walnuts, pumpkin seeds and (whole) macadamia nuts are the stuff made of dreams. Topped with strawberry slices and blueberries, this is a great option for the calorie-conscious.


The Tom Yum Chicken Ciabatta (S$11) was supposed to come in a ciabatta, but because I’ve had their buttery croissants before, I thought it’d work better. Stick to having it on ciabatta, I think it distributes the strong Thai spices better in the sauce. The creamy Curry Egg Mayo Croissant (S$9) is definitely a hit, but hey, what can really go wrong? A generous slather of mayonnaise, eggs, and a dash of fragrant curry powder in between crispy, butter croissant – decadence with every bite. And, it’s thoughtfully wrapped in a coffee filter for you to manoeuvre however you want.


The price of coffee here is really reasonable, at S$4.50 for a cappuccino. Hardly can you find prices like that, although one might argue that this is considered suburban, with lower rental. I’ve had coffee where it’s simply a knock-off though, and in less accessible locations. It’s a typical coffee set list here, but the coffee’s more than competent – robust, rounded and delicious. I had the long black before, and I must say it goes much better with milk because of its sharpness.

There are cakes aplenty to wash down with coffee. Ranging from tarts, to loaves, to unique bakes, there’s something for everyone.


A small corner of the shop displays coffee paraphernalia and local foodstuff curated by the owners. If coffee’s not your thing, there are lots of tea options from Gryphon’s to make sure you get the caffeine fix you need.

I know this is a cafe in a friendly, heartland neighbourhood but I think it’ll be perfect if it serves wine!


Quality of food: 8/10
Value for money: 8/10

Percolate Cafe (Map)

Block 136 Bedok North Avenue 3
#01-152B Singapore 460136
Tel: +65 8259 0316
Hours: 10.30am to 9.30am (Mon), 10.30am to 9.30pm (Wed to Fri), 9.00am to 9.30pm (Sat & Sun)
Nearest station: Bedok MRT (About 6 – 8 min walk)

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  1. Love the photos! Makes me wanna head there next weekend.

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