Coffee Renaissance by The Coffee Academics: A New Player in the Orchard Cafe Scene

“The vision has always been to grow. We’re lucky to have a strong presence in Hong Kong even though it’s competitive there. And there’s a global demand for intimate, personal experiences at coffee places especially in crowded and small cities like Hong Kong and Singapore.” And hence we find The Coffee Academics here in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district.  Its founder, Jennifer Liu, chose The Cofffee Academics’ incarnation in Singapore to an Orchard Cafe,  and thoughtfully so.

Innovative Coffee Culture in the Heart of Orchard

Located on the 2nd level of Scotts Sq, The Coffee Academics blends into the innovative set-up of the lifestyle-centric Pedder On Scotts store.  This 3000sqft Orchard Cafe’s decor has the right amount of drama accompanied by an interesting layout.  The central coffee making ‘island’ sets the arterial vibe of the entire cafe.


At The Coffee Academics, they treat their coffee seriously.  The vibe at this Orchard cafe is contributed largely by the coffee aroma arising from the huge island coffee counter.  This centre piece organises the entire cafe’s spatial articulation and creates a space that is able to communicate different vibes through its different corners.


Exemplifying its creative approach to coffee is the Pepper Agave Coffee. It is sweet and spicy and definitely a beverage meant for the coffee adventurer. The black pepper sets a savoury tone for the drink and makes it spicy and exciting.  This drink has a unique proposition given its novelty.  With its lingering pepper aftertaste, this coffee really serves as a appetite whet.


An Orchard cafe experience ought to be concluded with a serving of their Affogato. The coffee was rich and the espresso that you pour over the ice cream has the right amount of brightness to complement the ice cream. .

New Flavours at The Coffee Academics

The Coffee Academics offers a variety of interesting dishes which we were quite excited to try out.


This Crab and Avocado Salad is a prime example of the interesting dishes that fill their rather extensive menu.  This salad is decked with generous crab meat chunks which gives the dish an amazing seafood sweetness.  The dish is also a texture fest.  The black caviar provides a slight crunch to the bite, and the avocado gives a soft and smooth texture to the dish.  The coriander also serves as a unique counterpoint to flavourfully cut through the intensely flavoured crab meats chunks.


This Miso Cod Risotto is savoury and intense in its taste.  The cod is soft and sweet, and the natural sweetness of the miso helps to manage the savoury-ness of the flavours.


The salted egg prawn pasta (top right) is done al dente.  This sinful dish puts the salted egg tastiness to the test and succeeds.  One way it could be improved though is to highlight the prawns more as they feel like supporting characters.  The seafood flavours ought to come out more and a bit more saltiness could enhance the egg yolk flavours more as well.


At The Coffee Academics, apart from the affogato, please do not forget the churros.  If you, like me, is a dessert lover, this churros will surely set your gym commitment backwards by 3 weeks but it is oh so worth it.

Thoughtful Interior at this Orchard Cafe


All in all, we had a good experience at The Coffee Academics. The food was good, coffee was interesting and the interior is filled with very interesting ornaments and features..


Last we heard, The Coffee Academics will have a small section of their cafe refurbished into a bar serving very interesting cocktails.  We can’t wait to visit their new feature!

Quality of food/drinks: 7/10
Value for money: 7.5/10

The Coffee Academics (Map)

6 Scotts Road
Scotts Square
Level 2
Singapore 228209
Tel: +65 65381940
Daily, 9am to 9pm
Nearest MRT Station: Orchard MRT (5 mins walk)

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