My Little Spanish Place: Traditional tapas with flair


“Yum…!…”  That is how I would describe my experience at My Little Spanish Place, a tapas restaurant that is located at the heart of Boat Quay. Drawn by the promise of using an Entertainer voucher (4 tapas for the price of 2), we were utterly surprised and impressed by the quality of the tapas there.  The flavours served were strong and authentic to the Mediterranean country, and the vibe was welcoming and friendly.  Definitely a place worth visiting again – even without using the Entertainer app.

Strong and authentic flavours


The Coca De Pimentos Y Anchoas (S$16) is a traditional Catalan flatbread toast served with caramelized onions, roasted peppers, anchovies, and Manchego cheese.  Generally, I find it hard to appreciate any strong fishy flavour, but the anchovies on the flatbread (like a pizza with toasted bread) is superbly balanced by the cheese and the Spanish pimientos (a type of cherry peppers) that confers a deep smokey flavour.  The flesh of the pimiento is sweet, succulent, and more aromatic than that of the red bell pepper and provided a good balance to the strong anchovies flavours.

If you are going to have your tapas with some beer, please remember to get the Tabla De Salchichas Artesanales.  It is a sausage platter that comes with homemade Butifarra and Morcilla sausages that are both packed with a wonderful punch of savoury and spices.  The spicy and herb sauces that accompany these sausages are to die for, and the toasted bread that accompanies the platter is a dish by themselves.  Priced at S$21, this platter is a great dish to share among a group of friends having some beer or sangria.

For mussel-lovers out there, you have to try this dish.  Now, this inviting bowl of black mussels is actually cooked in a spicy seafood broth.  Steeped in a pool of tangy and spicy broth, the mussels were fresh and meaty.  We were all very surprised that for S$22, the amount of mussels we got was substantial. Needless to say, the broth was completely wiped clean by us.


Meatballs that are simply made with good honest flavours is a sure way to win over my palate and the Albondigas (S$14) at My Little Spanish Place does exactly that. Cooked in a traditional tomato-based sauce, the beef and pork meatballs are infused with the tanginess of the sauce.  Served with freshly toasted baguette, we were constantly dipping into the bowl long after the meatballs were gobbled down.


It was surely a very fun night and made amazingly more so with some beer and sangria.  The food is unpretentious and the flavours original and comforting.  Truly a rare find where traditional flavours are unadorned and without excesses.  I would definitely love to try its other branch along Bukit Timah Road as well.

Quality of food: 7.5/10
Value for money: 8/10

My Little Spanish Place (Map)

54 Boat Quay
Singapore 049843
Tel: +65 6532 0665
Hours: Mon to Fri 12pm to 230pm, 5pm to 12am | Sat 5pm to 12am
Nearest station: Raffles Place MRT (About an 8 min walk)

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