A Touch of English at The Study: A Keong Saik Road Cafe

Simply, we had a blast at The Study, a Keong Saik Road Café in the heart of Singapore’s historic district, Chinatown.  Cocktail buffets are rarely known for their quality of drink but at The Study, every cocktail was immaculately prepared and designed.  Though the selection is few, they managed to curate a list of specially-designed cocktails that we could easily take to and imbibe in. And at S$48++ for a free-flowing afternoon of debauchery, you gotta admit that the chances of getting sloshed by 2pm is pretty high.



The Study’s new head chef Danial Syed is no stranger to traditional English fare.  Born and raised in England, this English-Malaysian cosmopolitan managed to recreate a menu that is hearty, and exciting that reminisces of old English charms.  The design of the brunch menu manages to charm us with its headline “Free Flow of Cocktails & Sparkling Rose” and food categories like “Rise & Shine”, “Sober Up” and “Middle Finger Food” adding flair to your brunch experience.   At Out of Office Asia, we hold on to the firm belief that food and alcohol are meant to co-exist in a perfect universe.  So, to start your weekend proper, we suggest a cocktail at The Study…

The Art of Imbibing in a Keong Saik Road Café


You’ve Got Mail is my favorite cocktail at The Study simply because it is just so yummy.  Artfully made with Rojak flower honey, pear, white rum and bubblies, you’ve got mail hints of a spice ending with a sweetness mellow, light and herbal.  This drink is a real treat for those rum lovers and will surprise anyone with its refreshing and aromatic touch in spite of its rum base.  Perfect start to a brunch meal, a few rounds of this would get any conversation going.


Yogi Yogi and Marmelado are two distinct cocktails adorning The Study’s menu.  Yogi x2 (on the left) carries the taste of alcohol in its yoghurt base and serves as a very competent substitute to your yoghurt breakfast.  Ingredients include creme de peach, gin, lemon, and of course yoghurt.

Marmelado (on the right) is constituted from ingredients such as gentian, lemon, orange and rhubarb marmalade. What gets you tipsy in this drink is its vodka base. A very interesting cocktail, marmelado is hyper refreshing and unique.  What gives the drink a herbal taste is the gentian ingredient.  The artistic irony is that the gentian is supposed to be good for your liver –  we have to thank the gentian for the vodka.


Comfort, relaxation, and warmth are the general tones that run through the entire decor of The Study.  It is a Keong Saik Road Cafe that is friendly for most groups, families or friends.  The pieces that adorn its library shelving are eclectic but carefully curated and organised.  The sense of spaciousness and neatness are not lost in the decorations – a fun place to get drunk with your friends but also a great place for its hearty offerings…

Hearty and Honest Brunch Offerings: the English Way

Chef Danial believes that the quality of the ingredients cannot be scrimped on and every dish deserves proper attention and care to bring to the patrons a wholesome English experience.  Indeed, the brunch food there made me reminiscence of my time in the UK, and in Chef Danial’s words, “I try to bring what I grew up with in England back here in these dishes“.


Take the Homemade Soda Bread and the homemade Scone with Butter & Raspberry Jam for example.  Made from Chef Danial’s grandmother’s secret recipe, the Scone was fragrant, fluffy, and very very comforting to eat. The raspberry jam also provided a wonderful pairing to both scone and bread.  Only in this Keong Saik Road Cafe.


The Big English Breakfast is an awesome assortment of traditional big breakfast items that taste artisanal where nothing tastes store-bought.  Ingredients include the British bacon rashers, Portobello confit, tomatoes on the vines, imported baked beans, sunny side up, toast and sausage.  The Portobello was very fragrant and artfully flavoured, and the meatiness of the sausage was balanced with its infused herbs.  Truly a very big and a very English breakfast.


If, like what the menu says, you are in need of some “sobering up”, we highly recommend the Smoked Brisket Sandwich.  The beef brisket was smoked with wood chips for 12 hrs and was made from grass-fed Angus beef.  Together with the tangy and refreshing homemade coleslaw, this dish can really satiate most brunch cravings.

Space Transformation: The Study in the Day & The Library at Night

The Study truly convinces its patrons on the finesse and commitment the team places on its food quality and preparation.  Details, details and details are what makes a restaurant and we think The Study is going in the right direction.


Something else that impresses me about Keong Saik Road Cafe is that the same space transforms into The Library at night as a Speakeasy Bar and Restaurant.  In land-scarce Singapore, any establishment that seeks to optimise this scarce resource called land is answering the nation’s call to conserve our resource.

Look out for our article on such transformative spaces in the near future…

For anyone looking to have an afternoon chill out and relaxing time with friends, The Study’s offer of food and free-flowing alcohol would be great options for your weekend brunch or weekday lunches.  For those who own the Entertainer app, there is 1-4-1 for their mains at The Study.

Quality of food/drinks: 7.5/10
Value for money: 8/10

The Study (Map)

49 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089153
Tel: +65 6221 8338
Lunch Mon to Fri, 12nn – 2pm;
Dinner Mon to Sat, 6pm – 1030pm;
Brunch Sat, 11am – 3pm
Nearest MRT Station: Outram MRT (5 mins walk)

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