Looking for good restaurants in Orchard? Mitzo’s new-age Chinese menu brings it


If you’re looking for good restaurants in Orchard and running out of choices (at least the run of mill ones), Mitzo presents a quirky, cool ambience and menu that sparks innovation. The environment here’s unlike any Chinese restaurant you’d expect. And it helps that a lot of thought goes into the menu to make it varied enough for tourists, and locals alike.

Cantonese delights to start


Mitzo splits its menu into two for the starters. There’s the dim sum side for the Cantonese purists, and the ‘angmoh’ appetizers side. The signature appetizer was the Mitzo Special Barbequed Pork (S$18), basically – char siew. Nothing basic about the flavours though. The sweet, caramelised barbeque sauce burnt to a slight crisp melded with the fatty top layer, lubricating the tender chunks of pork.

Some parts came a little dry though, especially those towards the end. Most likely because they were narrower so cooked/burnt faster, or had less fat?


The dim sum selections came in themed platters – steamed (S$28), vegetarian (S$18), and deep-fried (S$26). Coming in a party of three was tricky because we wanted to try the platter, but there was only 2 pieces of each type.

Pretty used to having 3 pieces in one bamboo basket, we were kinda forced to take 2 of the same platter just to ensure everyone gets something. Despite that little inconvenience, we were very pleased with it. They all came intricately decorated, and my favourite was the Royal Shrimp Dumpling with the little dollop of caviar – superbly fresh and sweet prawns. Honestly, besides the staple good restaurants in Orchard such as Hua Ting and Yan Ting with a great dim sum selection, this comes pretty close.

Generous mains with a Western twist


The Stir-fried Wild Mushroom with Kai Lan and Pine Nuts (S$20) was a little underwhelming. While I enjoyed the crunchiness of the Kai Lan being fried a la minute in ‘wok hei‘, the wild mushrooms overpowered the entire dish. The roasted pine nuts while fragrant, did little to prevent the mushroom taste from masking the overall taste of the dish.

Keep it safe and do the Spinach with Three Types of Eggs (S$18) – I never had one that went wrong.


The star of the day was the Black Truffle Roast Duck (S$38). Half a duck roasted traditionally with five spices powder came with a perfectly crispy skin. And immersed in its jus that’s spiked with black truffle speckles, this dish was a delightfully balanced fusion of Asian and Western condiments.

The duck breast was a tad on the dry side though. But just coating it generously in the sauce fixed that quite easily.


What’s not to like about the Braised Vermicelli with Scallops, Prawn and Cod Fish (S$28)? Steeped in a broth that’s rich in seafood flavours, this dish made a magnificent close to the savoury section. The deep fried ginger slices were more fragrant than it was spicy, and lent a gentle spice to the already tasteful broth. Amongst all that, I assumed that the individual seafood was cooked separately from the stock because they were done quite well, cooked just right for that springy bite.

Bitter-sweet liquor-ice desserts


The Chilled Avocado Milk Shake Served with Fried Sesame Dumpling (S$12) came highly recommended. The presentation definitely impressed, sitting over a bowl of piping white fumes from dry ice. The milk shake was really smooth and creamy, and wasn’t terribly sweet, which was great for me. What’s not in the picture is the fried sesame dumpling which was the star for me. Filled with chocolate and whisky (if I didn’t hear wrongly), the crispy shell enveloped the chocolatey liquor mixture that I totally relished. At that point, I wish there were more of the dumpling than there was the avocado.

With the exception of the fried vegetables, everything was more than proficient for this new entrant. And bonus points go to the eclectic restaurant design, and inventive menu to make the list of good restaurants in Orchard to return to.

Quality of food: 7.5/10
Value for money: 7.5/10

Mitzo Restaurant (Map)

Level 4 Grand Park Orchard
270 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238857
Tel: +65 – 6603 8855
Hours: Mon to Sun 12pm to 2.30pm | 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Nearest MRT: Orchard Station

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