Duxton Hill Restaurants: MEATliquor – Burgers so hip, it hurts.

There’s a new kid on the hill – MEATliquor looks ready to hype up the joint.

The number of new restaurants switching hands on just Duxton Hill is a bit disconcerting. Taking over the spot where A Beautiful Life used to be, MEATliquor has introduced a new hipster, graffiti punk restaurant scene that carves a niche of its own. Coming from an established chain of meat joints in the UK, I had high expectations of my experience there.

I must say they were pretty confident that they’ll pack it all in, especially when you can’t make reservations. There are long queue poles with seats outside (quite considerate) and a bar area for patrons wild with anticipation before they seat you. Strewn with bright neon lights outside and inside the restaurant, back-lit graffiti walls and ceiling and playing rowdy electro-pop beats – it felt like the weekend was here.


The menu was a one-pager, and thoughtfully composed with locals in mind. We ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger (my standard measure for burgers everywhere), Buffalo Chicken Burger, Sambal Wings and Cheese Fries with two glasses of reds. The burgers don’t come with sides, so everything else is a side order. I liked that the burgers came with the option of ‘protein’ style, wrapped in just lettuce leaves, but hey, it’s mid-week so I’m gonna let it rip.



The cheeseburger patty was tasty, and rather juicy but I thought it became soggy really fast, especially when the other sides on the table took some attention. Might be the choice of bread? Buffalo flavours aren’t really my thing since the non-localised ones typically turn up the sourness but are generally milder on the heat. This one was exactly that, and with the fried chicken soaked a little too long in the buffalo sauce, the crunch was missed. And yet again, the buns soaked it all up too soon, and turned soggy quickly. Sambal wings were devoid of the authentic sambal flavour (I think they missed out the belachan) and I found it a tad too salty. The fries didn’t disappoint, fried at the right temperature so it’s not soaked in oil and the generous sprinkle of cheese gave it a great flavour.


I was glad they went around asking how the meal went and how the experience was because not many a chain would bow down from their almighty reputation to bother. I think they have a bit more to go before familiarising themselves with the local palate. Overall, I’d give them another shot down the road, but take heed that it’s not a place for conversation or even drinks as the music can get pretty loud. No matter though, because the area is rife with bars aplenty you can adjourn to.

Quality of food: 6/10
Value for money: 6/10

MEATliquor Singapore
99 Duxton Road 089543
Email: info@MEATliquor.com.sg
Tel: +65 6221 5343 (Remember, they don’t take reservations)

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