Buttergrill at Tanjong Pagar: The butter’s good but work that grill


Along the Tanjong Pagar shophouse trail lies Buttergrill, a cafe/restaurant lauded by its unique renditions of butter flavours such as Salted Egg Yolk and Foie Gras, just to name a few. For a fairly new entrant, the menu is surprisingly quite extensive.


So it seems like they know their beef cuts well, especially with a section cut out for the Meats. And honestly, for the size of servings, the value seems rather promising.

buttergrill-restaurants-in-tanjong-pagar-pop-pop-chickenbuttergrill-restaurants-in-tanjong-pagar-mushroom-farmbuttergrill-restaurants-in-tanjong-pagar-piri-piri-chicken-wingsWe started the meal with a few appetizers including the Pop Pop (S$14), Mushroom Farm (S$15), Piri Piri Wings (S$14). Nothing really struck us except the Mushroom Farm which tried with its grilled mushrooms that were well-seasoned and smokey in flavour. The Pop Pop came rather unsalted, except for the deep fried batter taste which didn’t confer much in flavour.

The Piri Piri Wings were disappointing as well, with no fiery flavours at all. But to its credit, the batter was light and crisp, and coated the wings well. It could have been marinated longer for the seasoning to penetrate though. All the squid dishes were “sold out” by 7pm, which came to a surprise to us because there were 2 supermarkets in the vicinity.


We thought the pasta prices were on the high side. We ordered the Pettine pasta (S$28), which came in a tomato sauce so ordinary that it felt like it came from a can of pre-made sauce. There was hardly any depth in flavour except the tomatoes, and the 2 and a half scallops were really quite the show-stopper. The black caviar, felt more like a garnish and even with its distinct flavour, did little to enhance the flavour of the dish.

It didn’t help that we ordered penne, instead of spaghettini after mentioning aloud that it’d be easier for us to share if it was in penne-form.


For this price, the assembly of the seafood/meat types seem to imply quite a bit of value. The Pu Pu Platter (S$108) had a sirloin steak, salmon steak, chicken thigh, two large prawns, assorted grilled vegetables, and a side of salted egg yolk butter. The order came accompanied with pepper and salt graters as well as chilli flakes.

While everything looks good in pictures, it wasn’t really impressive. We were dismayed that for a freshly grilled platter, the food came pretty cold. The corn was returned and replaced because it was cold.

The sirloin steak was overcooked, and returned, but alas, it came back unseasoned. The salmon steak lacked flavour, and was overcooked. The chicken thigh was not marinated long enough, because it looked really well-seasoned but tasted hardly so. Dipping everything in butter shouldn’t be the way to go, despite the fact that the butter was the best tasting item on the plank. It was really well-made, spicy, and preserving the saltiness of the egg yolk with the richness of the creamy butter.

It isn’t fine dining, but no one seemed to care if the food was acceptable for a relatively new outfit. I usually would tell others to give it a chance on opening month, but it has been quite a few months already and I doubt things will change for the better.

Quality of food: 5.5/10
Value for money: 5/10

Buttergrill (Map)

114 Tanjong Pagar Rd,
Singapore 088529
Tel: +65 – 6221 2354
Hours: Mon to Thu 11am to 10.30pm | Fri & Sat 11am to 12.30pm | 9am to 4pm
Nearest station: Tanjong Pagar

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